Employer's Liability Insurance: Are You Protecting Your Company?

Lately, a Gemma Taylor, operating as a waitress in a County Durham hotel, accidentally opened a container of manufacturing cleaner; suffering corneal abrasion and burns to her chest and deal with. It’s claimed she’d inadvertently knocked the bottle whilst looking for tissue within an unlit store cupboard. Ms Taylor maintains that the container top part wasn’t protected and the labeling had been switched into the structure, making the hazard much less obvious.

Any business dealing with dangerous chemicals will often realize that to abide by most appropriate security and health legislation, such substances have to be kept properly and secure, therefore the methods for doing this has to be apparent.

The proprietors of the resort, Whitworth Hall County Park Ltd, suggest that you will find sufficient methods set up as well as which they must be used An investigation later demonstrated that there was really such methods available for putting chemical substances though they had been incorrectly managed.

As an outcome, the holding company was eventually fined £8700 and £3229 in costs. Thus illustrating that employer’s liability insurance is actually a worthy purchase. It’s much better to get it and never require it, than to require it and also be found wanting.

Joanna Waller, a spokesperson for Durham County Council said that: “This case must function as a warning to other businesses… it’s not sufficient for companies to merely have procedures and risk assessments down on paper – they should also ensure their team are conscious of them and adopt them properly”

As a result, it’s unwise to scale back on employer’s liability insurance when having financial problems. When encountering such difficulty, the expense of such a situation are ruinous as well as a lot more costly compared to the price of an General Liability Insurance policy.